Sha'ar HaNegev Community Leaders Send Thanks

The following thank you letter was received by our partnership region in Sha’ar HaNegev, which has been under constant attack from missiles and terror kites. Your generosity has meant that children and families can receive free therapy to help them cope with this daily trauma and PTSD. Your support matters.

Jewish Federation of San Diego County-

Our resilience center is giving trauma-focused therapy free of charge to each resident of Sha’ar Hanegev, who suffers from the security situation. Each family or child can receive 30 meetings, and adults receive 25 meetings. Each therapy meeting costs about 250 NIS. The total cost for treatments in 2017 was 1,100,000 NIS.

Since the beginning of 2018, the number of requests for therapy rose and almost doubled the usual number. Our experience helped us to prepare ourselves for the increasing number of treatments. Having said that, we couldn’t foresee that the last escalation, involving fire kites and severe Kassam missiles attacks, would trigger such PTSD reactions and requests for help. As of September 2018, 250 people have received treatment in the Resilience Center, and we spent about 1,270,000 NIS.

The generous donation of San Diego Federation allowed us to give treatment to 35 children and families, and together with the budget we receive from the government and the National Social Security, we hope that we can continue to give treatment to anyone without fear from shortage of money.

Your help and your support in these difficult times is really appreciated, and we thank you a lot on behalf of the residents of Sha’ar Hanegev.


Hana Tal - Manager of the Social Services Department.

Tehila Revivo - Manager of the Resilience Center.


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