The Impact of Your Gift

Israelis have lived under the constant threat of rocket attack for years, and Federation funding has always been crucial in ensuring the continuation of life-saving services. Now is no exception. Our partners in Israel are currently helping Israeli children and teens escape heavily bombarded areas to reach safer parts of the country; providing critical social services and support for the most vulnerable, such as the elderly, the disabled, and new immigrants; repairing and rebuilding critical infrastructure destroyed by rockets; and expanding much needed trauma services to an increasing number of Israelis in distress.


Israelis have 15 seconds to reach safety. What happens to those who cannot?


JDC’s Center for Independent Living in Be’er Sheva serves people with disabilities throughout southern Israel. We recently heard the heartbreaking story of a man forced to relocate indefinitely into his concrete safe room. Because of his disability, he can’t leave the inhospitable 8 x 8' shelter even to use the bathroom. If a siren were to sound while he were out, he would not make it back in time. Thanks to JDC and the specialized facilities they’ve provided him, David is maintaining his independence and dignity throughout the long days and nights he spends in the bomb shelter.


The children of southern Israel are also forced stay in safe rooms, a harrowing and potentially traumatic experience.


Our partners are distributing activity kits for these kids, as well as providing therapy and comfort to assuage their fears.
Located nine miles from the Gaza strip, the Barzilai Medical Center in Ashkelon is the primary facility serving the wounded in the south – Israelis and Gazans alike. Hospital director Dr. Hezi Levy told us that the neonatal unit and the emergency room have been relocated to reinforced shelters on the premises. Despite its proximity to the zone of fire, the medical center is still not completely fortified. Fortunately, this will soon change, as the hospital is undergoing renovations to make the entire facility secure, even in times of conflict, thanks in part to donors like you!



Federation-supported senior centers provide food and medicine to the thousands of poverty-stricken elderly. Today, it’s too dangerous for them to travel.  


For new Israeli immigrants, language barriers and sudden and drastic cultural changes make surviving the constant barrage of rocket fire all the more traumatic. Our partners are deploying a host of caseworkers to mitigate their fears and concerns.
The Federation-sponsored “Fund for Victims of Terror” responds to Israelis within minutes of an attack, providing money for clothes, shelter, and other critical needs. One 34-year-old father of two told us that he was able to continue taking care of his family thanks directly to support from this fund – thanks to your generosity.




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