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How identical twin brothers - one Secular and one Observant - have learned acceptance and tolerance of each other’s lifestyles.
"This is a ground-breaking new book on bridging the gap between Orthodox and non-Orthodox Judaism”
MONDAY, AUGUST 18, 2014 at 7:00 pm
San Diego Jewish Academy / Free
11860 Carmel Creek Road, San Diego CA 92130 | (858) 704-3700
Secular vs. Observant
Mirror image identical twins JEFF & LARRY DEVERETT are genetically the same . . . but there is one BIG difference.  JEFF is a SECULAR Jew who lives in San Diego and focuses on the physical pleasures in life - "PLAY.”  In contrast, LARRY is a Torah OBSERVANT Jew who lives in Israel and focuses on the spiritual pleasures in life - “PRAY.”  Despite their deep-rooted love for each other, for many years Jeff & Larry were in great conflict with their lifestyles and priorities.  Now, in their early fifties, the brothers have learned how to respect, accept & even embrace each other’s lifestyles.  What used to be a huge conflict of EXTREME Orthodox vs. MODERATE Non-Orthodox culture is now a source of depth and comfort in their lives.  
In their new book, PLAY OR PRAY, Jeff & Larry compare the quality & happiness of their lives and share their understanding of being tolerant and accepting of each other.  This is a must read for people of all denominations and religious orientations.
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Jeff & Larry are dynamic & engaging speakers who represent the gambit of Religious thinking, both Secular & Observant.  Their presentation is captivating, thought provoking, and fun and content appropriate for all ages, cultures, and religious denominations.
"Many audiences have commented that this is one of the most entertaining and engaging presentations that they have ever seen.”
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