Photos: Women's Philanthropy Finals Survival Bags

The Women’s Philanthropy Finals Survival Bags volunteer event was a great success! Many women from our community donated Kosher snacks to fill 500 bags with the intent to attract a large number of SDSU and CSU San Marcos students to Hillel during finals week.
Women’s Philanthropy Board members and other Federation Women’s Philanthropy donors came together to assemble the bags and place a note of support and encouragement in each bag.
The message to them was simple but profound:
“We are moms. We care about you. Jewish Federation cares about you. We wish for you great success!”
Women’s Philanthropy also included a prayer from the Amidah:
You graciously endow mortals with intelligence, teaching us wisdom.  
Grant us knowledge, wisdom, and discernment.
Praised be You, Who graciously grants us intelligence.

Within hours, SDSU Hillel reported that Hillel volunteer students spread the word through social media and large numbers of students have been flooding the Melvin Garb Hillel Center to pick up their bags!
We wish to offer a humble and heartfelt thanks to everyone involved for your generosity and your assembly work.

What are some of the students saying?

"It's the small things that make the biggest difference."

"This is our equivalent to Santa Claus with Jewish moms instead!"

"How thoughtful"

"These snacks will help me get through the day"

"The tissues will come in handy if I don't get the grades I'm hoping for!"

"My favorite granola bars!"

"It's an early Hanukkah!"


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