Our Hearts Are Broken

Dear Community,


Today is a heartbreaking day.


This morning we received word that a four-year-old boy, Daniel Tregerman z”l, was killed in Sha’ar HaNegev by a Hamas rocket. 



We send all of our condolences and prayers to our sister city in these tragic times. 

Below is a message I have sent to Mayor Alon Schuster on Friday morning.


May his memory be a blessing and G-d bless Israel.


Please see this link for additional information. To read what our San Diego Jewish community is doing for Israel click here.



Dear Alon,

Please accept our heartfelt condolences to our family in Sha'ar HaNegev on the terrible death of a child of the community. Our hearts are broken by this tragic news.

With sincerest regards,



Michael Sonduck

President and CEO

Jewish Federation of San Diego County



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