Operation Protective Edge: Day 21


On day 20 of Operation Protective Edge, Iran-backed Hamas terrorists in Gaza fired 51 rockets at Israel. The IDF deployed the Iron Dome missile defense system to knock out those barrages that were headed towards Israel’s cities. The system successfully intercepted all nine of the rockets that could have hit heavy populated areas.  In total, 2,265 rockets have been fired at Israel since the current crisis began.

Forty three IDF soldiers have been killed since the start of the ground offensive, ten days ago. You can see a list of the soldiers killed, with photos and details here.  192 wounded IDF soldiers have been hospitalized throughout the country since the start of Operation Protective Edge. Seventy of these have been released from hospital.

Despite Israeli efforts to keep civilians out of harm’s way, Hamas continues to use them as human shields – a direct violation of international law.  According to Hamas spokesmen, 824 civilians have been killed in the past 21 days.


On Saturday, in a house in Gaza, IDF Special Forces found explosives six feet away from a baby's bed. This video shows Hamas firing from a cemetery.

Yesterday the IDF stopped a terrorist who was apprehended transporting a 100 kilo bomb connected to numerous gas canisters.  


You can read the Ministry of Defense’s Coordination of Government Activities in the Territories’ summary of key facts on Israel’s humanitarian aid to Gazans during the course of the conflict.

This IDF video explains the cost of tunnels and how Hamas’s money is spent. 

This video shows the IDF finding and destroying Hamas terror tunnels.This video shows what it’s like inside a Hamas tunnel leading to Israel.

Kibbutz Nir Am was targeted a week ago when 13 terrorists emerged from tunnels, just a few yards from the kibbutz’s kindergarten. This video takes an inside personal look into life under Hamas' tunnel threat.


This video shows the immediacy of the terror tunnels to children’s playgrounds.


Pvts. Leah and Lara Baumann, identical Italian twin sisters, immigrated to Israel and joined the IDF and are fighting in Gaza.





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