$3,435,284 - and Not a Shekel Less

Israel. Ukraine. France. Nepal.

In times of crisis, our Jewish community responds. 

In the past twelve months, our caring and responsive Jewish community has donated more than $3.4 million in emergency aid through Federation. 100% of these 1,076 donations went directly to relief efforts. How is that possible? Every dollar of emergency funds is able to reach those who need it most because Federation’s Annual Campaign fund covers all day-to-day expenses, like staff time and agency operational costs. Because of this, you can be certain that 100% of your emergency donation provides relief where it is needed most.


Thanks to your generosity, we’re able to respond quickly and effectively - saving lives, building futures, and restoring hope. Time and again, crisis after crisis, Federation provides a lifeline for Jews and others in distress, locally, in Israel, and around the world. Whether it’s missiles raining down on Israel, a violent conflict in Ukraine, anti-Semitism in Europe, or a devastating earthquake in Nepal, Federation is there.

Our network of local and international partners enables us to put boots on the ground and deliver humanitarian relief around the world. Through your generosity, we provide critical essentials like food and medical supplies, as well as long-term services like trauma counseling. We enable trained professionals to expand their support to the most vulnerable populations, like children, the elderly, and the homebound, whose needs escalate during crises.

We couldn’t do any of this without you. 

Together, we raised more than $3 million during last summer’s conflict with Gaza to provide trauma support for Israel’s most vulnerable, aid lone soldiers, offer respite to those living in conflict zones, and help Israel’s economy recover. 

In Ukraine, where the lives of more than 30,000 elderly Jews and 4,600 children have been disrupted by conflict, we continue to deliver aid, shelter displaced Ukrainians, and facilitate the aliyah process for those emigrating to Israel.

Immediately after the Nepal earthquake, we funded an expert disaster response team to provide immediate relief and assess ongoing needs.

For decades, we’ve ensured humanitarian relief for those who need it most. Federation is a safety net in times of crisis, and we will never let it fall.

Thank you for all you do.


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