NextGen’s Chavurah Learning Space Invites Thoughtful Conversation

Through Federation’s NextGen Initiative we are inviting young professionals to show us the Jewish community they want to see. This unique platform, “ThirdSpace”, is a space outside of home and work where participants feel welcome and a sense of belonging. The concept is that by creating this affinity-based group people will create deeper connections due to similar interests and heritage. Federation is currently piloting this concept through a couple of “spaces.” If you have an interest that you would like to share with the community please contact Darren Schwartz.

NextGen’s Chavurah Learning Space is a fun, informal, and engaging group discussion that takes a deep dive into a variety of core Jewish values. The group meets quarterly at the Federation building in Kearny Mesa.

Torah on Tap leader, Yoni Levinger, was inspired by Torah on Tap attendees who were looking to take their Jewish learning to a deeper level and have lengthier discussions with other young adults. Unlike Torah on Tap, there is no "official" speaker at the Chavurah which allows for a more engaging and intimate group conversation. Each Chavurah event goes through an in-depth source sheet guide which contains Jewish wisdom from thousands of years ago until present day.  

With plenty of free drinks, snacks, and hot beverages to enjoy, participants discussed "Chesed: A Life of Giving" and "Gratitude through a Jewish Lens". One Chavurah participant commented, “Wow this is so great, I haven’t looked deeply at Jewish text since Hebrew school and I really hope to make it to the next event."

The next Chavurah is tentatively being planned for May.  Stay tuned for more details and be sure to like NextGen on Facebook for the latest and greatest in young Jewish San Diego. 


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