Moishe House Open House

Federation Board members Simone Abelsohn and David Bramzon joined Michael Sonduck, Federation CEO, to celebrate fixing a new Mezuzah to the doorposts of the house in Pacific Beach.  The ceremony was led by Rabbi Baruch Rock of  Orot HaCarmel of Carmel Valley.

Pictured are residents of Moishe House as well as guests including Ester who was visiting from Moishe House in Vienna, Austria and Ivan, who was visiting from Moishe House in Barcelona.  Also attending were family of the residents, community members and Beth Sirull, CEO of the Jewish Community Foundation.

Meet Moishe House Residents:
Micah Tuttle
Brian Washington
Rafi Schraer
Chelsea Rapoport


Moishe House Vienna Resident:

Eszter Hars


Moishe House Barcelona Resident:

Ivan Morgenstern


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