Meet the New Cabinet: Marcos Modaino

Federation is proud to invite our newest cadre of Jewish leaders, called NYL Cabinet, to our international organization!

Our first highlight is Marcos Modaino of La Jolla.  When asked about how he hopes to impact our community, Marcos wrote:

My main goal for joining Cabinet is to gather leadership & educational experience. Although I have been exposed to Cabinet in a limited capacity, I know it is a spectacular opportunity for individual & philanthropic growth achieved thru unique experiences, exposure, and relationship building thru different gatherings and travel.

I have a unique background; I am a successful Hispanic entrepreneur, who immigrated to the USA in the 90s. I am
passionate about the State of Israel, Jewish Affairs, and the ongoing support of the Jews everywhere.

I have two young kids, as they grow we will enroll them in different local Jewish organizations where I plan to be actively involved. By joining Cabinet I hope to achieve the following:

  • Involvement - By being exposed to the work at Federation conducts at home and abroad I hope to become even more involved myself.
  • Impact - By meeting like-minded individuals who are in a similar stage of their professional careers and who are passionate about the State of Israel, I hope to further impact in that effort.
  • Information - I hope to learn and acquire more information and leadership skills as it relates to everything Federation does and in the very successful way it does it.
  • Initiative - I hope to develop lasting friendships, to take part in all the amazing global initiative trips and to hopefully come up with new initiatives as well.

Through this experience, my participation will benefit my local community where I will make a difference.

Kol HaKavod!



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