JPAC and Federation Applaud Anti-BDS Legislation

Federation is proud to be a signatory on this important piece of legislation which defends the legitimacy and independence of Israel.  We, along with members of JPAC, urge the state of California to pass this critical anti-BDS legislation in support of the people and businesses of Israel.

The Jewish Public Affairs Committee of California (JPAC) applauds the introduction of the California Combating BDS Act of 2016 (AB 2844), authored by Assembly member Richard Bloom and supported by many Assembly members and State Senators from across the state. The Act would prohibit California from entering into contracts with companies that boycott Israel.   California is the latest state in which legislation has been introduced against the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement which seeks to delegitimize and isolate Israel.  State legislatures that have passed anti-BDS legislation include Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, New York, and South Carolina.

JPAC commends Assembly member Bloom and all members of the California legislature who take a clear stand against BDS. JPAC has long encouraged the State legislature and elected officials of California to formally increase economic and cultural ties between California and Israel, and we were extremely pleased when an MOU was signed by Governor Jerry Brown and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu in 2014. California and Israel are global leaders in the alternative energy, environmental and other technology-based industry sectors, and in 2014 alone trade between Israel and California totaled over $4 billion.

Rather than furthering efforts to negotiate a lasting peace for the people of Israel and the Palestinians, the BDS movement seeks to isolate one party instead of building trust and goodwill between both.With recent BDS efforts intent on harming public opinion of and delegitimizing Israel, there is no more critical time to pass this legislation.


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