JDC Update on Nepal

Below is an update on emergency relief efforts in Nepal from Gideon Herscher, Director of Development and International Partnerships at Federation’s global partner, the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC). This update was written just after the magnitude-7.8 earthquake rattled the country three weeks ago, killing over 8,000 people and causing widespread destruction of infrastructure and villages.

The following update was published five days prior to the strike of the second magnitude-7.3 earthquake, which caused more deaths, injuries, and further damage to the already battered region. 

May 7 - “It has been 11 days since the devastating magnitude-7.8 earthquake struck Nepal, with the quake's epicenter manifesting slightly northwest of Kathmandu. The Government reports that over 7,300 people have died and over 14,000 have been injured from the earthquake. More than 191,000 homes have been destroyed, and over 175,000 sustained damage. The United Nations reports that only 2% of the total financial requirements identified in the appeal have been provided to the Nepal earthquake response.  Insufficient resources are of particular concern given the approaching monsoon season forecasted to begin in approximately six weeks.”

JDC's Rapid Response & Assessment team continues to deliver critical assistance to victims who have lost their homes, livelihood, and most devastatingly, their loved ones. 

  • In partnership with Heart to Heart, JDC is aiding remote villages that have sustained widespread destruction by providing critical supplies, such as medicine, as well as tents for shelter.
  • To date, JDC has ensured the care and medical treatment of more than 700 patients in IDF’s Field Hospital by assisting field personnel and providing much needed medical equipment and supplies.
  • JDC is delivering new shipments of supplies, coming from partner organizations, such as the Afya Foundation, and is working around the clock to make sure aid reaches those in need. 

Despite logistical challenges in the region, as of May 7 JDC is pushing out to the hard-hit area of Bhumlichowk. The following is a text message from JDC’s on the ground relief team sent as an update and received by the operation center at 3:00 pm Kathmandu time:

"On back of another flatbed truck loaded with supplies. Boiling hot. Driving up about 1,100 meters, en route to hardest hit cluster of villages at the top of the mountain.”

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