Israel’s Hargol FoodTech Taking the ‘Yuck’ out of Grasshoppers

Israel’s Hargol FoodTech aims to take the ‘yuck factor’ out of grasshoppers as an inexpensive protein alternative.

To feed the expanding world population, more high-protein food from sustainable sources – and at affordable costs – is needed. Yet, current protein sources – beef, chicken, fish – are reaching their limits, putting pressure on natural resources and damaging the environment.

Edible insects are gaining momentum as a high-protein alternative that is efficient to produce, low cost, and requires minimal resources. With insects already an integral part of the diet of more than 2.5 billion people, and growing awareness of their advantages in new food markets, there is a need — and an opportunity — for quality insect products that can be mass produced efficiently and economically.

Meet award-winning company, Hargol FoodTech. Hargot established the world’s first commercial-scale grasshopper farm in Israel. The Company’s optimized methods and technology will enable growing several species of grasshoppers quickly and under sanitary conditions for a reliable, sustainable, and quality protein source. Hargol FoodTech’s product lines will include grasshopper protein powder, food additives, and pet food. 

So why explore grasshopper based protein?

  • Superior nutrient content: over 70% whole protein, plus lipids, iron, zinc, and more.
  • Year-round production as opposed to limited seasons in the wild yields a large, ongoing supply to meet growing demands.
  • Optimized feeding reduces growing costs and improves nutrient content.
  • Automated handling and harvesting.
  • No waste: All materials converted into products.
  • Efficient growth and production methods saves resources and creates high margins.

Grasshopper, anyone? To learn more about Hargol or to try their famous grasshopper protein alternative for yourself CLICK HERE.

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