How Will You Make This Year Different From All Other Years?

Over the past year, we’ve experienced terrible loss and hardship but we also experienced our Jewish community come together in ways we never have before — to talk, console, share resources, experiences, and knowledge, and to find new ways to help the most vulnerable among us. And we did it all virtually.

Throughout lockdown, social distancing, and record unemployment, we delivered meals to vulnerable seniors and taught those unfamiliar with technology how to connect to community and loved ones online. We stocked food pantries for the hungry and delivered PPE to our frontline workers and those they serve. We inspired younger generations to connect with Jewish community through learning. And while doing all that and more, we continued to help our brothers and sisters in need around the world.

In other years, we gather around the seder table with family and friends. This year, we gather around separate seder tables, sharing the holiday virtually. But while last Passover, we faced a year of uncertainty and loss, this Passover we truly know the power and strength of our Jewish community ­— here in San Diego and as a whole.

The challenges we continue to face are huge, but with each of us giving as generously as we can, we will make this year different from all other years, because this year, our impact will be greater than in any year before.

Thank you in advance.

Chag Sameach,

Michael Jeser, President and CEO


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