☀ How is Solar Saving Us Shekels? ☀

Federation is excited to be leading the way in green energy by upgrading San Diego’s Jewish Community Building, which houses not only Federation, but many partner Jewish nonprofits, to solar powered system that will greatly reduce the buildings impact the on environment.

In the Torah, the Jewish people are charged with the tenant of bal tashchit – an obligation to preserve and care for our planet. By investing in green technology and protection of the environment the Jewish Federation of San Diego County is fulfilling that important duty.

With the installation of 319 fluorescent lighting fixtures powered by occupancy sensors that turn the lights on and off depending on motion sensors around the building, we’re more efficient! The new efficient light bulbs won’t need to be replaced for more than 10 years. The lighting changes alone have reduced the electricity bill by 14 percent – saving overhead cost for our donors, and lowering cost for our partners in the building.

The Jewish Community Building was also equipped with nearly 500 solar panels on the roof and on new carports installed in the parking lot. The carports will provide shade for 20 cars while also providing clean energy to the building and grid for the next 25+ years. These amazing solar panels with offset the remaining 86 percent of Federation’s annual electric bill!

We also installed two electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, a wonderful incentive for those interested in buying an electric car, allowing employees, visitors and volunteers to power up their cars, free of charge, throughout the work day. The average electric car can receive 70 miles worth of charge in one hour, and because the EV chargers are being powered by the solar panels, each mile driven is powered completely by the sun!

“Not only do we fulfill the Jewish obligation to protecting the planet earth and everything on it, but we are able to cut costs and ensure our donation dollars can go to more vital resources such as helping Jews here at home, in Israel, and anywhere around the world help is needed,” said CEO Michael Sonduck.

The entire project was funded with a Property Assessed Clean Energy bond with no upfront costs to Federation. The solar powered system that will cut our greenhouse emissions by 166 tons per year and provide thousands of dollars in net savings in the first year alone. Over the expected 30-year life of the solar system our building will save more than $2 million.

Please watch this great video about what going green means to Federation:


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