Hope Overcomes Fear for Israel's LGBTQ Community

To learn more about Federations recent mission to Tel Aviv's Pride Festival, click here.

By Bradley Burston

You never truly relax here these days. No one does. You can’t quite know how and where danger is going to strike next.

In fact, something dangerous and entirely unexpected is going down in Israel right now. Not even the government knows how to begin to deal with it. It’s something which the cabinet has absolutely no effective defense against.

It goes by a number of names. But one of them, is hope. And one of the places it struck most recently, most tellingly, most unexpectedly, was Jerusalem.

In recent weeks, extremists and bigots – many of them well-paid civil servants – mounted an obscene campaign of intimidation and demonization against potential participants in the city’s planned March for Pride and Tolerance.

Opponents of the march hoped that the campaign, coupled with threats of violence in the shadow of a shocking murder during the march a year ago, would deter participants from the route and perhaps keep the event from taking place at all.

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