Helping College Students Through Finals

Women’s Philanthropy is providing a little support for our Jewish college students at SDSU in partnership with SDSU Hillel. One of the most stressful times of the year is finals week. What better time to take advantage of Hillel for a quiet space to study and to know that Jewish Federation is there to represent our community at large in providing comfort and some snacks for pulling those all-nighters?
Women’s Philanthropy invites you to join members of its board to put together Finals Survival Bags on Monday, December 12 from 9am until noon. They are also collecting snacks to fill 500 bags. Would you be willing to drop off the following Kosher items?
-          Microwave Popcorn
-          Cup of Soup
-          Trail Mix/Nuts
-          Hot Chocolate packets
-          Kleenex packets (probably not Kosher, but very helpful to a college student!)
These Kosher items are available at places like Costco and would be very appreciated! We are collecting donated Kosher snacks at our Federation office, 4950 Murphy Canyon Road, San Diego, CA 92123, from December 5-9.
Try to remember how it felt for you when you were away from home and join us in showing our Jewish college students that we care and want them to be successful. They are, in fact, our future Jewish community leaders!
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