Get to Know Your Options Co-Chairs

OPTIONS is almost here! Get to know our incredible co-chairs (from left to right), Lori Polin, Kira Finkenberg, and Britney Ewing. Register NOW and join us for a memorable afternoon!

How did you get involved with Jewish Federation?

B: I went on the women’s Heart to Heart mission to Israel in 2012.  I heard about it from a friend who is very involved in Federation.  It was an instant connection for me and I joined the Women's Philanthropy board the following term.

K: I was invited on a NextGen mission to Berlin and Israel through my work with JFS and In the Mix.  I loved the people at Federation and what they did, so I joined the board!

L: When I moved to San Diego over 30 years ago, i was looking for a Jewish connection and joined what was then called The Women’s Forum.

When you aren’t working with Federation, where can we find you?

B: Driving my kids to all their activities or on the tennis court!

K: At a concert, a sporting event or at the beach/park with my dogs.

L: Exercising, playing golf, bridge and mahj and spending time with family and friends

Why Women’s Philanthropy?

B: Originally, I was looking for a place to dedicate some time outside my kids' schools.  Now that I have learned about all the great work that Federation supports and met the amazing women on this board - it has become my go to place to give back to the community and Jewish people in need.

K: I think it’s important for women to feel empowered as well as men.

L: I enjoy being a part of a group of women that care about their community and inspire leadership, learning and personal growth

Your DVR, Tivo, Smart TV, ipad, whatever, is broken and will only play one movie for the rest of time. Good thing you get to pick, what do you want to watch?

B: Football

K: Oy…I don’t watch movies, so I will have to go with an oldie, A League of Their Own

L: Parental Guidance and Father of the Bride

Choose a movie title for the story of your life. 

K: The Girl Who Couldn’t Say No

L: Parenthood

Options is right around the corner, what are you most looking forward to?

B: I am really excited about our speakers this year - however, my favorite part of Options is the energy created by so many passionate Jewish women in one room! 

K: A meaningful day with 1000+ women.

L: The gathering of women from our community supporting Federation and spending an afternoon of learning, friendship, and solidarity.

Michael Solomonov’s recipes are inspired by Israel. What does Israel inspire in you?

B: Israel inspires HOPE in me.  It is a place and represents a people who have been through so much yet are resilient and continue to thrive.  

L: Israel inspires in me a feeling of belonging, connectedness, home.  I visited Israel for the first time when i was 17 and it has resonated with me deep in my soul for my entire life.

Thank you to our co-chairs for all that they do. We are looking forward to a powerful event!


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