From Our Shinshinit

Michal Sharon, Shinshinit, and Pam Ferris, CEO of Seacrest

A wonderful Hanukkah party at Seacrest on Tuesday, December 4th was had by all. Seacrest is where I visit once a week and provide programming about Israel to residents who have, in four short months, become my family. 

I teach them about Israel through song, art, games, music, and any other way I can to impart my love for my country. What fun to sing Chanukah songs and eat latkes and sufganiyot that connect us all together. 

I have had the privilege of spending time with the San Diego Jewish community and the amazing Seacrest family. You have wrapped me in warmth and love, and given me a sense of home. Thank you. You are simply amazing.

Michal Sharon, San Diego’s Shinshinit 

The Shinshinim program is made possible by Federation's generous donors.


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