Federation Statement on Iran Nuclear Agreement

By: Brian Tauber, Board Chair

One of the most critical issues facing Israel since its founding in 1948 is upon us – the threat of Iran possessing nuclear weapons.  While ideology and rhetoric constantly threaten Israel’s existence, this matter is of vital importance to all of us as Jews and Americans.

People are looking to the Federation for our position on the agreement.  While I have VERY strong personal opinions on the agreement, I fully recognize that our community is divided in its assessment of the multi-lateral deal.  Where we are NOT divided is our support for Israel’s survival and collective hope that the Iranian mullahs never acquire a weapon that could inflict the death and destruction upon Israel that a nuclear weapon could wreak.

Out of respect for the diversity of opinion of our donors, the Federation will not neither support nor oppose the agreement.  We feel strongly that discussion and debate is essential, so we will provide information as it is available from the various organizations and the governments of the U.S. and Israel when they offer forums for people to learn and/or to express their personal views.  These entities are far better positioned to address the substance of the issues than Federation, as they have the expertise and mission to advocate on behalf of one perspective or another.

I regret that some of you, on both sides of the issue, may be disappointed in Federation’s refusal to inject itself into this critical debate.  I will be personally researching the issues and expressing my views through other avenues, and I implore all of you to do the same. 

May Israel thrive for all of eternity.



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