Federation Response to Terrorist Attacks in Brussels

Tragically, we once again find ourselves horrified, shocked, and saddened by the terrorist attacks that killed and critically injured scores of innocent people in Brussels, Belgium, and those affected by the attacks in Istanbul, Ankara, and Cairo.
With fortified resolve, we stand in solidarity with the people of Brussels, the people of Europe, and citizens around the world in condemning this senseless violence.  We lament this reiteration of a cowardly attack on innocent civilians with targets including families traveling at a local airport, and commuters going about their daily lives at a subway station. This terrible violence is an assault on every person who believes in freedom, equality, and the sanctity of life.

Our hearts are broken.  Our prayers are many, and our hope is eternal. At this time of despair and mourning, it is up to us to unite for a better future for our children, our neighbors, and the world.  We stand with love, and with unity, in the face of hate and terror.

As we search for solace, and for answers, we call to the leaders of the free world to work together to put an end to these reprehensible acts of terror.

We pray for Belgium. We pray for the world. We pray for peace.


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