Federation Responds to Paris Attacks

Dear Community,

Tragically, and once again, we are horrified and saddened by the terrorist attacks that killed and critically injured scores of innocent people in Paris. 
These attacks strike at the very core of one of the world’s great cities, and great democracies, with targets including young adults enjoying a concert, families attending a soccer match, and couples dining at a café. This terrible violence is an assault on every person who believes in freedom and the dignity of life.

Our hearts are broken.  Our prayers are many, and our hope is eternal. At this time of despair and mourning, it is up to us to unite for a better future for our children, our neighbors, and the world.  

We all stand together in our concern and support for the people of Paris and all peace-loving peoples across the globe. As we search for solace, and for answers, we call to the leaders of the free world to work together to put an end to these reprehensible acts of terror.

We pray for Paris. We pray for peace.

Michael Sonduck

President and CEO
Jewish Federation of San Diego County


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