Federation Phone Bank Reaches Thousands of Isolated Seniors

Federation task force leaders conducting a virtual volunteer training session 

Monday, and in response to the rapidly evolving COVID-19 crisis, Federation started an internal task force to connect with seniors over the age of 80, including local Survivors. By Thursday, and after connecting with Seacrest at Home, Gmach Jewish Gift Closet, and JFS to ensure a triage response system was established, we developed and launched a sophisticated phone bank. Our system enabled us to escalate emergencies, connect with seniors, and let our community know we are in this, together.

Over the last week, and with the support of 65 volunteers, we sped through a list of 1600 individuals. Fueled by positive responses and the volume of calls, we determined that we have capacity to reach more people. Phase two is being implemented, and we plan to reach another 1700 individuals in the next week. During the calls, volunteers are checking access to essentials like food and medicine, sharing virtual opportunities, and in some cases, serving as friend and source of comfort.

Feedback has been tremendous, uplifting, and overwhelmingly positive. One community member shared:

I wanted to take a minute to thank you all for what you do. My parents are both 86 and living in their home in La Jolla. I thought they were prepared for the shelter order, but apparently they had three delivery services not come through for them and are pretty low on food. Possibly my mom's fault, possibly just shortages. 

But, today one of your volunteers called them. Just a random wellness call. They didn’t know about my parents’ problem or about my connection to Federation. The result: You and I’m guessing JFS will be delivering a supply of food to them. 

I’m 1,800 miles away and the closest family to them. So it means a lot to know that what we do is helping people like my parents, who right now just need to stay in their home and ride this out.

From my whole family, thank you!

We are looking for more volunteers to make a 6-8 week commitment to check in with a group of seniors. To get involved, click here



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