Federation Helps Launch Israeli Business Incubator

Federation thrilled to share an innovative new project your generosity makes possible in our sister city of Sha’ar HaNegev, Israel.

SouthUp is an exciting new business incubator with a mission to help create and support a large entrepreneurial climate and ecosystems in the region, catapulting Sha’ar HaNegev into a startup community, and to promote economic growth and activity within the Sha’ar HaNegev Region.

SouthUp has launched its first startup company in the incubator: Tevatronic, which is dedicated to developing water critical saving technologies and has already received funding from the Israeli Chief Scientists Office. These awesome projects are being housed in the new state-of-the-art Sha’ar HaNegev High School – which was build three years ago, in part thanks to the San Diego Jewish community!

Oleg Korol, founder and CEO of Tevatronic, told us:

We have developed a unique 3D-irrigation controller that can save up to 50% of water while increasing crop yield. We chose to be part of the SouthUp incubator because of its proximity to agricultural areas in Israel and the support it enjoys from the San Diego community - the office space and the prime location have been great for us. Thank you!

We are excited to see what projects this innovative incubator develops and the local and global impact these amazing startups will make.

We will be sure to provide updates as they become available and as SouthUp continues to grow and flourish.  

All of this made possible by you, the donor.

Thanks for all you do.


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