Children Celebrate Chanukah Together - Worlds Apart

Your donation to Federation fosters dynamic connections between our community, and our sister community of Sha’ar HaNegev, Israel.

On the second evening of Chanukah, with the rest of the school dark and deserted, third graders from Orna Wolf's classroom gathered for a virtual candle lighting ceremony with children from San Diego. Through the wonders of Skype, children from both sides were able to engage in an authentic dialogue and joint activity.

After lighting the candles, the children showed each other their creations based on the theme of "My Hero" as each child described their hero—some in English, some in Hebrew. Along with the superheroes Spiderman and Superman there were plenty of other heroes in the form of brave parents, helpful siblings and more. In this regard there was quite a lot in common between the sides.

Naturally, the gathering included Chanukah songs sung in both languages as well as Chanukah doughnuts for all. Mainly, it was an encounter between Israeli and American children with no barriers of distance or language between them.

These formative cross-cultural programs are part of Federations work to connect our community with Israel – in this generation, and for generations to come.


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