Chag Paseach Sameach from Federation!

Each year at Passover, we join with our friends and loved ones at the Seder table to commemorate and celebrate our Exodus from Egypt.

As Jews fortunate enough to call San Diego our home, it is also a time when we celebrate this incredible city, and our wonderful community, both of which allow us to celebrate our Judaism openly and joyously; a freedom that we must never take for granted.

It is also a time that we must remember other members of our extended Jewish family, family across the globe that is, unfortunately, living in the ominous shadows of hate, ignorance, fear and violence.

For them we pray, we give, and we love.


On behalf of the Jewish Federation of San Diego County, I want to thank you for the commitment that allows us to continue our mandate of protecting and enhancing the well-being of Jews worldwide through the values of tikkun olam (repairing the world), and tzedakah (charity & social justice).

I wish you and your families peace, good times and happiness on Passover and for the times to come.

Chag Paseach Sameach!

Michael Sonduck
President and CEO
Jewish Federation of San Diego County


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