Celebrate Israel @70

Israel is incredible! Over the past few months, and in celebration of Israel's 70th, we have shared stories about Israeli food, culture, geography, innovation, academics, and more! You may remember reading about Mobileye and Orcam. From Mobileye's impressive progress in computing technology (hello, autonomous car!) to Orcam's tiny cameras used to help the visually impaired, Israel's list of contributions to human innovation is extraordinary. But there is more, so much more! Did you know that there are over 100 sushi restaurants in Tel Aviv making it the city with the most sushi restaurants per capita after Tokyo and NYC? Worried about peanut allergies? Not an issue in Israel! Peanuts are introduced to their diets earlier (mostly in the form of the snack, Bamba), babies in Israel are 10 times less likely to suffer from a peanut allergy than Jewish children in the UK. Women play a significant and important role in Israel. Israel chose its first woman president of the Supreme Court, Dorit Beinisch, who served from 2006-2012, and more than 44% of all lawyers registered in Israel are women. 

Click on the above image for an incredible snapshot of the last 70 years, and don't forget to celebrate with us during Israel Fest on April 29 at Liberty Station. 

Happy 70th Israel!!


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