California Legislative Jewish Caucus to Terrorist Bullies: Leave our Child


The California Legislative Jewish Caucus has made the following statement regarding the recent kidnapping of three Israeli teenagers in the West Bank:

“Our hearts, thoughts and prayers are with the parents, family members and friends of the innocent teenage Israeli boys kidnapped in the West Bank on June 12. The abduction of these boys, one with dual American citizenship, as they returned home from school follows a disturbing pattern of targeting children in terrorist acts, such as the recent kidnapping of 223 girls from a Nigerian school in April and a 2012 incident in which a teenaged Pakistani girl was shot in the head by the Taliban as she headed to school.

“Our Legislative Jewish Caucus Chair, Senator Marty Block, stated, ‘Children should not be at risk for attending school. They should never be targets of terrorism or victims of such violence.’

“The California Legislative Jewish Caucus calls upon people worldwide to stand firm against terrorism and crimes targeting our children. We hope and pray that the missing Israeli boys and Nigerian girls will be returned safely to their families and that the perpetrators will be brought to justice.”


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