California Legislative Jewish Caucus Condemns Hamas Terrorist Aggression

California Legislative Jewish Caucus Condemns Hamas Terrorist Aggression and Supports Israel’s Right to Self-Defense; Calls on US to Facilitate Cessation of Hostilities


SACRAMENTO – Recognizing the many ties that inexorably bind the state of California to the nation of Israel, the California Legislative Jewish Caucus issues the following statement today:


“We stand with Israel.


“The California Legislative Jewish Caucus extends our solidarity and support for the people of Israel. We pray for their safety during these difficult times.


“We condemn the actions of Hamas; a U.S. designated terrorist organization, whose charter calls for the destruction of Israel.


  • In particular we condemn the unprovoked launching of hundreds of rockets, indiscriminately targeting two thirds of Israel’s population.


  • We furthermore condemn Hamas’ use of innocent civilians as human shields for offensive military aggression by imbedding rocket launchers in residential areas and forbidding civilians from evacuating when warned by Israel of imminent danger.   


“We stand with Israel’s right to defend her borders and her people, to ensure survival of the state, and to carry out the goals to ‘restore quiet to the region and stop Hamas terrorism.’


“We strongly support Israel's right as a sovereign state to defend itself from the relentless rocket fire, as well as Israel’s efforts to prevent further escalation while minimizing casualties on both sides. Israel should not tolerate the continued violent attacks against its citizens by a terrorist organization.


“Finally, the California Legislative Jewish Caucus urges President Obama and leaders of California’s congressional delegation to take steps to facilitate a cessation of hostilities to save the lives of innocent parties on both sides of the conflict. 


“We stand with Israel…and we extend our unwavering support for a fair and lasting peace in the Middle East.”


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