Board Chair Reflections with Brian Tauber - OMG!!


I am not on Twitter. I have no Facebook page. In fact, I am not on any social media. What I learn, I learn from my kids, often embarrassing them in the process. I do know “OMG” though. And as Federation’s fiscal year draws to a close on June 30th, its relevance becomes obvious: One More Gift.

Imagine we are one gift short of our goal, and you could put us over the top. Would you do it? Would you be the hero whose dollars help us connect one more teen to Motiv? Would you be proud to be the one that helps send one more teen to Israel on Federation’s My Israel Journey program? Wouldn’t it be great if your gift supported our fellow Jews in Sha’ar HaNegev on the Gaza border who are suffering daily from terrorist attacks (more on that next week)? Or be the one who ensures that an elderly Jew in the former Soviet Union has meals for the next month? Help us reach one more family in San Diego, intermarried and not, who yearn for connection to the Jewish community, as we have done with our Shalom San Diego ambassador program. The list goes on. These are not exaggerations. That’s how your donations work.

You don’t owe Federation anything. Federation must EARN your support. I am certain that Federation directly addresses your passions on Jewish continuity, caring for Jews, commitment to Israel and/or building a strong Jewish future in San Diego county. You want to learn more? Visit our website. Ask for a meeting. We want to – we need to – earn your hard-earned dollars.

So, what moves you about being Jewish? With One More Gift and direction from you, we will put your donation to work in the area(s) that matter most to you. As we improve our communications, you will see how your donation directly impacts lives. We will get there because our role in the community and around the world is critical to our future as a Jewish people, so you need to see, feel, and touch the results of your generosity. 

The challenges we as Jews face are mighty, but thousands of years have taught us that, when we work as one, we can cause the barren desert to bloom with food and technology. Be the one that makes a difference in someone’s life. Your gift means that much to the beneficiaries and future of our community. 

So please, just OMG!!!!




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