A Letter to Federation's Community Chaplain

Federation CEO Michael Sonduck recently received this email about our Jewish Chaplaincy program:


Dear Mr. Sonduck,

Our family experienced such sensitive, helpful, intelligent support from Rabbi Dalin when we needed it the most during the last months of my father's life. We are glad our father called out for a Rabbi to come to him and we are so grateful that Rabbi Dalin came to my father's bedside. 

Rabbi Dalin came to our family's aid after the Jewish Federation Chaplaincy program was recommended to us by the secretary at a nearby synagogue, when I called to inquire about the possibility of the rabbi there coming to visit my elderly father at his senior facility.  Soon after, I was able to connect with Rabbi Dalin by phone. I told him of our needs and family's circumstance. During this very crucial time for us when we needed spiritual support and guidance, Rabbi Dalin came to my father's bedside. Rabbi Dalin understood our situation. We very much needed Rabbi Dalin's help, guidance and support and he was there for us. We suffered less stress because he helped us in such a thoughtful, nuanced, meaningful way. 

We are very grateful to Rabbi Dalin and very grateful for the Community Chaplaincy program of the Jewish Federation.

Rahamim, the Hebrew word for compassion (featured in the art above) is at the heart of Jewish Chaplaincy Services.  The Jewish Community Chaplain provides compassionate and sensitive care for unaffiliated Jews on behalf of the entire Jewish community. 

In so doing he  conveys a clear and crucial message: “The Jewish community cares about you.” 


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