2017 Disaster Relief Efforts Continue

As we begin the Jewish new year, a series of natural disasters continues to take its toll on millions in the United States, the Caribbean, and Mexico. In just four weeks, hurricanes and earthquakes have caused extraordinary destruction, and the need continues to grow.


There are overwhelming needs in Houston where the scope of damage to individual homes and communal institutions poses serious risk to an entire community’s stability and sustainability. The more recent hurricanes have left whole island communities already suffering from abject poverty, mired in a desperate battle to meet the most basic needs. We have existential Jewish communal and human issues to address.

We continue to support efforts to rebuild homes, institutions, communities, and lives in Texas, Florida, and Mexico. Moving forward, donations to the 2017 Disaster Relief Efforts Fund will also support hurricane relief efforts in Puerto Rico and the wider Caribbean, and earthquake relief efforts in Mexico.

We have existential Jewish communal and human issues to address. Please give what you can. As always, the Federation will absorb all administrative costs, so that 100 percent of funds collected will provide relief for the thousands impacted by these disasters.


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