150 NextGeners Gather to Celebrate Hanukkah

On Thursday, December 8th, 150 NextGeners gathered at 98 Bottles, in Little Italy, to kick off the holiday season and celebrate this special time of year. From the blue and white garlands hanging on the walls to the menorahs spread throughout the venue, it was evident that Hanukkah is right around the corner. Another clue that Hanukkah is fast approaching, was the sizzle of the latkes being freshly fried and the smell that permeated the air. Partygoers enjoyed the traditional holiday treats with a twist. There was a build your own latke bar, complete with toppings ranging from the traditional—sour cream and applesauce—to the unique like mushrooms, spinach, and feta cheese, and cinnamon and sugar for those with a sweet tooth.
No Hanukkah celebration would be complete without donuts and NextGen certainly takes their donuts seriously. Like the latkes, the donuts paid homage to the traditional holiday treat, while kicking it up a notch.  Three different types of donuts were served piled on with berries and cream, brownies, bananas and Nutella.
The atmosphere was festive and filled with joy as NextGeners embraced throwback Thursday with some seriously competitive games of Dreidel that induced flashbacks of childhood. A photo wall, life-size Jenga, and specialty drinks were just some of what kept partygoers entertained until late into the night.
Most exciting were all the new people enjoying their first NextGen event. From people who are new to San Diego to San Diegans who are just new to NextGen, it was wonderful to welcome everybody into the NextGen family. 


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