11 Ways You Can Support Israel Right Now

There are many things you can do to support Israel. #4 will inspire you.

1. Travel to Israel
Even if the news is scary, Israel is safe. And Israel needs you to visit, so head over to Israel through one of the many programs such as Onward Israel, Masa Israel, or if you've never been to Israel, go on Taglit-Birthright Israel. There has also been recent news about special travel deals to travel to Israel as a tourist.

2. Support Terror Victims
Donate to The Jewish Agency’s Fund for the Victims of Terror. Your donation will directly help Israelis affected by terror attacks.

3. Donate to your local Jewish Federation
People from your own community will put your donations to work helping those in need. Donate to the Jewish Federation of San Diego County here.

4. Eat some falafel
…Or frequent the closest local Israeli-owned food spot. You can also purchase Israeli-made or owned items online to help support Israeli businesses stay afloat during this rough patch. Standing tall with Israel never tasted so good!

5. Blue and white — everywhere
Dust off the Israeli flags resting in your closet and hang them on your porch, balcony or car. For the braver ones among you, it’s been said that the Israeli flag can make quite the cape. Or just put on your favorite blue pants and white shirt!

6. Write to a terror victim
Send a note of solidarity through The Jewish Agency to those who have been stricken by terror. Words of encouragement and support to the families are more valuable than you can imagine and provide them a lift as they face adversity.

7. Write to friends and family in Israel
Send an email to your friends and family living in Israel. It is essential that your loved ones in the Jewish state know that their extended family and friends around the world are standing with them and keeping them in your thoughts and prayers. It sends them the stirring message that Israel is not alone.

8. Organize a prayer service
Organize a prayer service for the safety and healing of victims of terror.
The MiSheberach, the Prayer for Healing
The Prayer for the State of Israel

9. Stay informed
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10. Take social media action
Turn your profile picture on Facebook into a pro-Israel statement using this special badge. You can also post videos of you and your friends stating your support for Israel on YouTube and all the other social media outlets. What could be better than gaining fame galore while showing the love for the Jewish Homeland? Tag our Facebook and Twitter pages for even more exposure.

11. Write an opinion piece
Get the word out about what’s happening in Israel by writing in to your local newspapers. Besides getting published, which is pretty cool, it will show the surrounding community there are pro-Israel supporters among them, as well as educate those who may not know much about the Middle East conflict.

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