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Life Lessons from Holocaust Survivors


Life Lessons is a compilation of interviews of 44 Holocaust Survivors, conducted between 2019 and 2020 by the Care Management staff of Jewish Family Service San Diego. The interviews were conducted by geriatric specialists, guided by a set of prompts. Survivors were asked, "What have you learned from life that you would like to share with others?" The publication of their responses is an affirmation that their stories and experiences will live on to inform and inspire others.


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Remember. Honor. Teach.

Recordings of the 2020 Yom Hashoah Virtual Programs 

A Conversation with Ben Midler

Before watching this video, please watch the short documentary about Ben's Life then skip to 4:30 in the video above for the programs with his daughters. 

Developing Global Leaders

Join Steve Schindler and Nicole Nocon as they explore their how their different family's history are making an impact in Germany today.

2020 Yom HaShoah Remembrance Ceremony

San Diego's annual Yom Hashoah commemoration lead virtually by Rabbi Ralph Dalin and Rabbi Scott Meltzer.

Yom HaShoah Candle Lighting

Join Holocaust Survivors and the grandchildren of survivors for a special candle lighting.

Sharing Our Families Stories 

With the Butterfly Project Education team. Learn more at

Talia's Tolerance Tour 

Talia Schauder, Poway High School senior, shares her grandfather story and tolerance presentation with local high school students and community members. 

Benjamin Midler

Life of a Child Survivor

The Butterfly Project

Sharing Stories

We Remember Campaign

World Jewish Congress

Steve Schindler Feature

Dr. Edith Eva Eger

Her Dance of Life

Survivor Stories

Holocaust Survivor Ruth Sax, Sandra Scheller

Keeping Memories Alive

Sandra Scheller


Book List


The Jewish Federation of San Diego County has recently collected books written by our local survivors or about local survivors*. This collection is housed at the Jewish Federation. Select books are available for purchase on Amazon.




  • Loss, Liberty and Love: My Journey from Essen to Auschwitz to the U.S. by Horst Cahn

  • The Epitome of “The American Dream” by Werner Dreifus

  • The Choice:  Embrace the Possible by Edith Eva Eger

  • Because of Romek: A Holocaust Survivor’s Memoir by David Faber

  • From Barbed Wire to Picket Fence: A Child Holocaust Survivor’s Dreams and Adaptability by Teresa Fischlowitz

  • From Tadjikistan to the Moon: A Story Of Tragedy, Survival and Triumph of the Human Spirit by Robert Frimtzis

  • Frozen in Time by Francheska Gelbart

  • From Bombolini to Bagel: A Story of Two Worlds by Jacqueline Semcha Gmach with Hillary Selese Liber

  • Getting Here: Ruth’s Story 1935-1949 by  Ruth L. Hohberg

  • Always Good With A Needle: My Journey from Radom to Redemption by Malka Freidenreich Kempner

  • A Melody from an Immigrant’s Soul: A Collection of Memoirs, Essays and Poetry by Dora Klinova

  • Ilse’s Journey by Ruth Klampert

  • Two Sisters: A Journey of Survival Through Auschwitz by Livia Szabo Krancberg

  • My Righteous Gentile: Lord Wedgwood and Other Memories by Gabriella Auspitz Labson

  • Memories, Miracles, and Meaning:  Insights of a Holocaust Survivor by Fanny Krasner Lebovits

  • Never Erased in My Mind: My Life As a Child Survivor of the Minsk Ghetto, the Forest, and the Gulag by Esfir (Esther) Kaplan Lupyan

  • Kiss Every Step: A Survivors Memoir from the Nazi Holocaust by Doris Martin

  • Various books in Russian by Peter Mezheritsky

  • The Life of a Child Survivor from Bialystock, Poland by Ben Midler

  • My Life, Reflections and Anecdotes- A Jewish Rascal’s Adventures That Span From the Alps to the Sierra Madre and the Rockies by Michel Moutal

  • I am Lubo by Lou Pechi

  • Hilda: A True Story of Terror, Tears and Triumph by Hilda Pierce

  • They Are Still Alive: A Family’s Survival In France During World War II by Philip Pressel

  • Try To Remember - Never Forget: Memoirs of Holocaust Survivor Ruth Goldschmiedova Sax by  Sandra Scheller

  • Two Who Survived - Keeping Hope Alive While Surviving the Holocaust: Rose and Max Schindler’s Story by Rose Schindler with M. Lee Connolly

  • From Holocaust to Harvard: A Story of Escape, Forgiveness and Freedom by John Stoessinger 

  • Quiberon and Life is Changed Forever by Madeleine Swidler Scott

  • To Our Children: Memoirs of Displacement. A Jewish Journey of Hope and Survival in Twentieth-Century Poland and Beyond  by Wlodzmierz Szer




  • Until Our Last Breath: Holocaust Story of Love and Partisan Resistance by Michael Bart and Laurel Corona

  • Not Without a Fight: The Story of a Polish Jew’s Resistance by D.W.Duke with Thomas Biebers (Bieberstein)

  • Courageous Woman: Anna Holzmann by Hugo Holzmann

  • My Bargain with God: The Story of Holocaust Survivor Lou Dunst by Ben Kamin

  • The Last Jews of Kalisz: David Kempner’s Story of Tragedy and Triumph by Irv Kempner and Deborah Fineblum

  • From Vienna: A Story of Three Cousins in a Time of Youth and Turmoil in Their Separate Journeys from Vienna by Isabelle Kenagy (young adult book)


Novel/Historical Fiction


  • The End of the Line by Lou Pechi 

  • Pirry: A Saga of Love Lost and Found by Lou Pechi 


* Please let the Jewish Federation know if we have excluded any titles. This is a collection in progress.