2023 CommUNITY Trip to Israel Electives

During this incredible trip, you will have the opportunity to customize part of your trip experience by selecting from a variety of elective days. During these elective days, you will be with a small group of people who also selected those electives and want to dive into a specific area in a smaller setting. Electives are subject to change based on enrollment. During the registration process you will be asked to rank your top choices for both Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. You can participate in different options in each city.


Read more about the various elective options below.

Jerusalem Electives


During our time in Jerusalem, you will be able to explore aspects of the city that interest you most, in small groups. From food, to high-tech, to history, and so much more, check out these great options and choose the one that is right for you!

The Flavors of Jerusalem*


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This track is for “foodies” and those wishing to taste some of Jerusalem’s best food and libations.  Possible sites include a tasting adventure in  Machne Yehuda market.  If you haven’t been in a while, you might be surprised to see so many new restaurants, bars, and boutique shops in the market. You’ll also experience a hands-on chocolate workshop; a tour and cheese tasting adventure at a local boutique dairy; a close-up look at the wine production process at a boutique vineyard; and a beer tasting experience at one of Israel’s local breweries. (*Additional Fee Associated; /Maximum 2 buses available)

The Social Impact of a Jewish State


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This elective will explore the many facets of Jewish pluralism in Israel, such as marriage, kashrut, conversion, prayer at the Kotel, and Shabbat. You will meet with various activists throughout Israel who are trying to make changes and, will meet with leaders of different streams of Judaism who will explain the challenges.

Impact in Action: Breaking Cycles of Poverty in Israel


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This elective will explore Politics, Poverty, and Hunger and might include site visits to a Haredi community to understand the cycle of poverty there; and to East Jerusalem, home to Jerusalem’s Arab population led by experts from the Joint Distribution Committee.

The City of 3 Religions: Conflict and Co-Existence*


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Experts will talk about how the conflict plays out in Israel, especially in Jerusalem, with a special focus on the question: is the re-united city really united?  There will be a tour of the Old City exploring the three monolithic religions that coexist; a walking tour of East Jerusalem; and a visit to Yad B’Yad (Hand-in-Hand), a Jewish-Arab School where we will hear from the staff and students about their experience and why they have chosen to attend. (*Maximum 2 buses available)

Celebrating Women Entrepreneurs in Jerusalem


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In this elective, we will meet with some of Israel’s most accomplished women leaders in various fields and hear their stories, visit their thriving businesses and learn more about how the start-up nation mentality led to their success. 


Off the Beaten Path: Grassroots Change in Jerusalem*


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For millennia, Jerusalem has been a symbol, muse, and religious icon. It is also one of the most diverse cities in the world and for its residents, the place they drop their children off at school, go shopping, and spend their daily lives. In addition to Jerusalem’s status as a political capital, it has also emerged as the social innovation capital of Israel and one of the foremost hubs for new strategies and pilots of social change and activism in the world. This track will go far beyond the typical tourist bus to meet young changemakers who look at Jerusalem’s diversity and intensity as opportunities for creativity and new ways to approach endemic challenges for societies around the world. We will walk the streets of their neighborhoods together with these activists and discover why this ancient city where tradition is so treasured may be the ultimate source for breakthrough disruption and transformation.  (*Maximum 2 buses available)

Tel Aviv Electives


During our time in Tel Aviv, you will be able to explore aspects of the city that interest you most, in small groups. From hi-tech, to art and culture, to women’s achievements, and so much more, check out these great options and choose the one that is right for you!

The Flavors of Tel Aviv*


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This elective is for “foodies” and those wishing to taste some of Tel Aviv’s best food and libations. Possible sites include a tour of the Levinsky Market with a culinary celebrity, a hands-on cooking experience and lunch at a Tel Aviv cooking studio; and wine and spirits tasting. (*Additional Fee Associated; Maximum 2 buses available)

Hi-Tech and Social Cohesion


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This elective will take you to cutting-edge companies where you’ll meet with CEOs tackling Israel’s and the world’s greatest social challenges–from sustainability and energy solutions, through Fem-tech and Food-tech, to integrating marginal populations into today’s world. Site visits will include a demonstration from Water-Gen, a visit to Israel's brand-new, state-of-the-art National Blood Center, and a special lunch presentation from Innovation Africa. See first-hand how Israel is leading social innovation through hi-tech. The elective will also present the shift from Start Up Nation to Technological Nation.

The Art and Culture of Tel Aviv


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This elective will explore the various places, programs, and artists who continue to put Tel Aviv on the map as a major destination place for art and culture opportunities. Site visits might include touring Tel Aviv's architecture and street art; meetings with some of Tel Aviv's top artists; and other opportunities to learn about the art scene in many of Tel Aviv's hip neighborhoods.

The Active Tracks of Activism


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This elective is for the traveler that wants to get out and explore Tel Aviv through the lens of an activist. This high-energy day will feature volunteering at a food rescue organization, racing around the streets of Tel Aviv to taste and experience the best of the city, team-building training with the Mandel School for Leadership, and a surfing session with a nonprofit serving at-risk youth. Meet the people and see the places that make Tel Aviv the hub of social innovation in the Middle East. 

Understanding the Areas of Mutual Co-Existence within Israel*


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This elective will discuss how the conflict plays out in Israel. You might experience a walking tour with activists working on building a shared community in the City of Lod and meetings with residents of Neve Shalom, a unique village where Jews and Arabs live together, embodying and endeavoring to advance the principle of peaceful coexistence. In addition, we will meet with NGO’s promoting co-existence and mutual understanding among the different religions and cultures in Israel. (*Maximum 2 buses available)

Multi-Culture Mosaic: Refugees, Immigration, and Inclusion


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This elective will offer the opportunity to meet with members of the LGBTQ+ community, Ethiopian community, or Asylum seekers to learn about the challenges they face – and how they work to overcome them. Learn about their experiences and integration into Israeli society. You will learn about ways Israel helps these people and the opportunities it has to do more.

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